Outreach Catalyst began its humble ministry  in 2011 providing a live streaming services for overseas guest services. Then it continues to focus on the internet media ministries, by adding up varieties of new internet and digital services such as Internet Streaming Radio, 24 hours Sermons and Praise Worship channel.

New ideas, engagement, projects, exciting products and new clients were keep coming up and at 2013 we decided to take this ministry further up by establishing its own identity as new independent ministry in the area of digital media and internet virtual products with focus industry group Broadcasting and Education Industries.

Outreach Catalyst is different with other typical IT ministries, We are digital product designer and really build our expertise in IT technology. In other word We are Inventor, InnovatorSocial Industrialist, Producer, Investor and Contents Syndicator.

For us a good products got to have element easy to use and use by lots of people within affordable cost. But we also love God and diligently embed a strong Christian Values and Teaching in every product we developed.

We examine and see every aspects in life and christianity system, the elements that we can contribute and fix it so it will become benefit for community and the word.

On the engagement side, we are commercial organisation with a ministry in heart. Instead of we are taking donation, we would prefer on commercial engagement with win win solution. All the profits that we earn is solely return to the our ministry.

Come and talk to us and see what we can do to help your organisation.